Woman left in hysterics after spray tan leaves her resembling Ross from Friends


Summer is finally coming – and with it the promise of some sunshine after a long winter.

After a year spent largely indoors, many of us might be looking for a little help from the bottle in order to turn bronze.

But be warned, a self-tanning fail can easily ruin your plans.

One woman shared her story on TikTok after suffering a fake tan disaster which left people in stitches.

It’s the sort of beauty mishap we hope to leave behind in our teenage years.

But as Rachel Waters demonstrated, it can happen even if you visit a professional.

Allow us to explain…

Rachel shared a video of the mishap on TikTok where she explained that she paid $80 (£57) for a spray tan at her apartment.

But she claims the beautician, who promised her she would look like she had just visited St Tropez turned up “drunk” for the 8 am appointment.

She then showed some photos of how she looked before and after the early morning spray tan.

The video went viral, with more than 170,000 views and sparked hundreds of hilarious comments.

In the comments, Rachel said her tan got lighter after five showers and some hard exfoliating – just one day before she went on holiday.

One viewer joked: “It looks like you bathed in coal.”

Others pointed out her golden glow reminded them of a classic episode of Friends – The One with Ross’s Tan.

In that episode, David Schwimmer’s character has a mishap in a fake tan booth that leaves him a bizarre shade of orange.

Another said: “Hahahahah, you look like Ross from Friends in the tanning fiasco episode.”

A third asked: “Did she think that St Tropez was located on the Sun.”