Double chocolate Creme Eggs exist and people are going wild for them


As Easter approaches, the supermarket shelves have been stocked full of sweet treats, with all different types of chocolate goodies, shaped like eggs, rabbits, chicks and more.

Each year confectioners come up with creative new products to celebrate the occasion, but there’s always the classics – like the iconic Cadbury Creme Egg.

We love Creme Egg season and will eat them with everything, from Creme Egg brownies to Creme Egg McFlurries – and we’ve even tried Creme Egg curry before.

Honestly, it didn’t seem like the Creme Egg could get any better… but it seems we were mistaken.

Online shoppers have recently discovered that you can buy chocolate Creme Eggs.

Imported from the US, these eggs have double the amount of chocolate as they contain a creamy chocolate centre instead of the traditional fondant one, as well as the milk chocolate shell.

The product was first spotted on Instagram by Food Review UK and they have been sold by A Taste of the States.

The website sells thousands of snacks and sodas from the USA and have a great selection of Easter treats.

Their followers on social media have been going wild for the chocolate Creme Eggs, so much so, that they’re currently out of stock.

One person said: “Ooo these look good!!”

Another wrote: “How eggciting! Creme eggs are life!

A third posted: “Now that’s my kind of creme egg.”

Someone else added: “Oh my goodness!”