Woman exposes the grim gunk in your kitchen plug hole and people ‘feel sick’


All sorts of food and other substances can fall down the plug hole in the kitchen sink and it can feel like an impossible task to fish it back out again.

Most of us try and jam it down the small gaps so it’s out of sight and out of mind, and now one woman has exposed the grim build up that’s hiding within – but plumbers have urged people not to repeat it themselves.

TikTok user @Cleanwith_kiraa shares videos showing her cleaning hacks for around the home with her thousands of followers.

A recent video captioned ‘This is your sign to clean your plug hole’ has racked up more than 3.6 million views after Kira used a screwdriver to remove the top cover and expose the thick gunk laying underneath.

However, after the post went viral, people claiming to work as plumbers took to the comments to issue a warning to others not to repeat the method as it can break the top seal of the sink and cause leaking into the cupboard below.

Filming what was lurking in the plug hole, Kira says: “Ew ew ew it’s 100 times worse than I thought it would be” as she begins to scrub it with bleach spray and an old toothbrush.

The disgusting collection of sludge is then scooped out and disposed of before it’s cleaned with bicarbonate of soda, Zoflora disinfectant and vinegar, before the cover is screwed back on.

But experts instead advise that cleaning mixtures should be poured directly down the sink rather than removing the top cover, and products like wire hangers or zip ties can be used by being fed down the holes to remove deeper blockages.

Simply seeing what might be lurking in their sink was enough to leave some people feeling queasy as one said: “Nah sorry I would have chundered everywhere.”

And another added: “And that’s why food shouldn’t go down the sink.”